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Lesbian and Gay Community Centre, Aston

September 1984 to September 1987

The opened in September 1984 at 291 Corporation St , opposite Aston University.

The centre was 'a voluntary, non-profit making organisation run by homosexual women and men, whose aim it is to promote the welfare and benefit of those who are homosexual or bisexual'.

After months of planning and preparation the Centre opened its doors on 29th September 1984 when the coffee bar was opened during the day and there was a cheese and wine party in the evening.

The was officially opened a year later, by in a ceremony on Wednesday October 16th 1985. There were also speeches by Christine Crawley MEP and by the Chair of the West Midlands County Council Race Relations and .

download the first centre newsletter from September 1985

The Centre produced the during 1984 - 5.

Unfortunately the Centre struggled to keep up with the running costs. Although a substantial grant was agreed by the in 1987, immediately before its abolition, the money passed to who, because of a combination of a legal challenge, lobbying by fundamentalist Christians, media fuelled hysteria and the negative attitude of Councillor Leader , never actually handed over the money, which was believed instead to have funded the . The therefore had to close in 1987 due to lack of funds to keep up with the running costs.

In spite of having found a perfect solution to their problem, of joining forces with the and taking over the former in Essex Street, the money did not materialise and the attempt to open a third in Birmingham never came to fruition.

The had to close in 1987 due to lack of funds to keep up with the running costs.

The centre often held alternative social events.


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