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GLF Marches and Gay Sunshine event early 70s


"While on one of the GLF marches, I was carrying one end of a banner that said 'Gay People Support Troops Out of Ireland'. An Irish lady in the crowd attacked me with her umbrella, while I was walking down New Street, shouting that I was an abomination and was going to do to Hell! Fortunately for me, my gay brothers and sisters present, about 15, all pointed to her and shouted very loudly 'EVIL, EVIL!' and she ran off! This was a technique we used if we were attacked in such an environment, to stand close together, and point at the person and shout together very loudly, one word. Except with the , we used to run and get as close as we could to a policeman!

"One demonstration that particularly springs to mind was the ''. We bought several crates of oranges and held a demo in where we gave an orange to everyone we met to celebrate the 'Goodness of Being Gay'".

Contributed by: Graham Allen, 58

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