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Gay Flamingo


I remember it well! George, the owner, had no idea how to run a club, but he was a nice old guy. Not gay, though - he just saw a good way to make some money, as in those days there was no competition. This was before even the Nightingale. I was there on the last night of its existence, when it was raided by at least two dozen uniformed police. Most of the customers were scared silly about possible consequences of the publicity, but I think only two were charged with drinking after hours. A cop asked me "Is this your drink?" I said yes, and he asked what my explanation for drinking after hours. I took out my membership card and read the back, which said that the Supper Licence permitted consumption of alcohol until 2am. (Actually this was only with a meal, but it did not specify that). Who was I to question the owners licence? I heard no more about it. George was found guilty of serving drinks after hours, and "keeping a bawdy house". Where the Law got this one I shall never know - I went there almost every weekend, and never saw anything remotely bawdy! But it was good while it lasted.

Contributed by: Peter, 68