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Boot Women - 'a walking cocktail party'


was started in 1993, set up by Val, Catherine’s ex-partner – and they weren’t speaking at the time, but a year later they were OK and Catherine’s been leading walks ever since. “At first we knew all the women, it was described as a ‘walking cocktail party’, with 4-5 hours chin-wag. It was very popular, with around 40 women, and half a dozen dogs. Then foot and mouth made it hard to find anywhere, and it nearly folded. For the first 10 years 6-8 women were organising it all the time. Everyone did a little bit – not too much for any individual; Val did the paperwork. We had a list of names and addresses. At one stage and The wanted the list for advertising; even now we don’t give the list out”.

Contributed by: Catherine M, 47

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