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Post-modern Queer Politics


“What I see now is much more of a continuum, for younger gay people, and some who aren’t, the whole thing of ‘’, saying ‘As long as you’re not normal you’re all right’ – I quite like that, so the basis on which you find something in common with people changed quite radically. Events just shifted, not particularly to do with getting older or mellowing, it’s very much about the way that the world has changed and needing to respond to that. My social circle is primarily still other lesbians but that’s not a political choice now, but a cultural phenomenon. The analysis of heterosexism (we don’t tend to use the term any more but for a while we did) – the understanding of diversity and equality that includes sexuality, in my mind still owes quite a lot to , in terms of an analysis of heterosexuality as a system rather than just a personal choice. Consequently there is a lot less activism, it feels very post modern, all about different bits going on and I could equally be as involved around and immigration as I could be around sexuality”.

Contributed by: Trisha McCabe, 51

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