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Women's night at The Grosvenor


ďThe was a big hotel on the Hagley Road with a swimming pool out the back, it was a beautiful privately owned club and they had a [womenís night] and you could go for Sunday lunch because they had a really nice restaurant. The gay blokes who owned it did it beautifully, the food was terrific and a lot of gay blokes would take their mum there for Sunday lunch. It was very contained, very male, but it would be because that was the consciousness of gay men. We didnít go clubbing all the time, we were too busy changing the world, but if you went there on [womenís night] it would be obvious from the ambience of that group. The women would be wearing Foster Brothers suits and clothing and youíd be afraid to ask anybody for a dance in case you got your head punched. Now I donít know, Iíve been to pubs in the (gay) village a few times and it looks different to me. I donít think women would stand for that nowĒ.

Contributed by: Jean Turley, 72

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