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We have come along way in terms of gay rights


ďI donít think we should underestimate how far weíve come but I donít think we should spoil things and I think weíre in danger of doing that. I hate people saying, Ďin my dayí. In my day it was crap being a gay man and today itís wonderful being a gay man or woman. I was brought up in an impoverished, strict Catholic coal mining community and none of my nephews or nieces can comprehend that, it was shit old days, the same applies to the gay community. We donít have a memorial in November like for the forces but there have been people sacrificing their lives, who have been ruined along the way, for the gay community. I would love to see if itís referred to in 100 years time.Ē

Contributed by: Bill Gavan, 56

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